We hope you’re all staying well out there. Are we the only ones wrapping ourselves up in baby-soft blankets of nostalgia lately? In times of crisis, people tend to the look to the past for comfort, and we’ve definitely been revisiting some throwback favourites: Beth is not ashamed that she watched (and enjoyed) “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” the other night, and Alison has been getting a little too excited about reading her kid The Chronicles of Narnia before bed. 

We’re inviting you to ride this nostalgia wave with us and escape for a moment with three Friends of Jenny pieces that bring back retro comfort vibes.

Rachel Antonoff Madison slicker with jellied salad print

Beth recently stumbled upon a goldmine: her grandmother’s old recipes for jellied salads, including "Spring Salad Souffle" (lime jello combined with asparagus soup) and "Golden Glow Salad" (lemon jello, pineapple, grated carrots and nuts). Jello is the ultimate retro comfort food, but we’ll take ours in Rachel Antonoff form, please! The Madison Slicker has us ready for socially distanced walks in April showers

Oh, the shenanigans that went on in that plushly carpeted basement rec room… OK, so we weren’t as cool as Cher, the consumption down there was mostly cheese puffs. (BTW, did you know that sales of junk food have spiked during the pandemic?) At the time, we would’ve been hanging out in that concert tee we basically never took off—today we’ve graduated to the Mother Denim Sinful Tie-Dye Tee (t-shirt perfection) with Mother Denim Drama Jeans and Corey Moranis Knotted Loop Earrings in Yellow.

Cara printed snake maxi dress

Call it a muumuu, a caftan, or a house dress—the Cara Snake Print Dress recalls visions of Mom at home: entertaining, lounging, cooking (a splash of wine for the sauce, a splash for her) and somehow always looking effortlessly glam, even when she was serving beans & weenies (which Beth actually made for lunch the other day and was not disappointed).

Speaking of retro entertaining, when trips to the store no longer feel like Apollo missions and we can go out and get the ingredients, we’re whipping ourselves up an after-dinner Grasshopper cocktail: creme de menthe, creme de cacao, a dash of cointreau, and cream. “My mom totally used to drink this when we were kids. I remember she would even let us have a sip (gasp!). It tasted like a frothy chocolate mint milkshake,” says Beth.  Until then, let us know what nostalgic favorites you’re finding comfort in these days. Send us an email or tag us on Instagram @friends_of_jenny.  

Take care, Alison & Beth