wait...who's jenny?

We were inspired to create this ecommerce fashion community by the Jenny we all have in our lives—that friend who always lets you raid her closet, who you text for backup from the dressing room, who surprises you with the perfect gift you didn’t know you needed. She’s a connector, there to refill your glass and leave you full of inspiration and a new friend or two. We’re capturing that magic feeling of being seen with Friends of Jenny: a destination for curiosity-driven apparel, accessories, and lifestyle goods, and a resource for discovering independent, socially conscious, women-led brands that have been scavenger hunted from around the world.

Drawing on our love of the fashion industry, we’ve carefully curated pieces from global designers who are doing something special, to bring our friends things they’ve never seen before. We see our role as fashion facilitators, engaging with our community to help them discover their personal style and dress to feel their best. We’re here for you!

It’s with so much joy that we share Friends of Jenny with you! Please join us and stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Instagram at @friends_of_jenny. 

Let’s be friends!

xoxo Alison & Beth