We’re missing our community right now, and we bet you are too. But this week we’re excited to virtually introduce you to two of our friends, both old and new.


One of the original Friends of Jenny, Danielle Suppa is the owner/creative director of Toronto’s Souvenir Studios (where we hosted our very first pop-up!).   

Souvenir Studios is a Toronto beacon of beauty that brings to mind your favourite museum store, a shoppable gallery of objects as meaningful as they are beautiful. We bring that experience to your home with joy-sparking pieces from Souvenir’s in-house collection of vintage and found objets, Souvenir Curio, and exclusive, limited-run products from Danielle’s circle of innovative makers.

Danielle is also a devoted fan of all animal print, with a particularly strong affinity for snake print. She radiates joy, and loves to dress up in all realms and sing karaoke. (We are thinking of forming a “fashion choir” when this is all over.) For now, Danielle is playing dress-up at home in pieces from Atelier Delphine—that new friend of ours who we’re thrilled to introduce you to...

"Billowing, voluminous joy (in garment form). These are the types of colours that make you instantly happy; pieces that manage to be as comfortable as they are special. Perfect for dancing in your apartment, frolicking solo and -dare I say- travelling (when we are doing that again)." - Danielle Suppa

“I loved styling the shorter pieces (top and tunic) over another piece—a short, a pant, or even another dress or skirt. They can be super beachy-casual, but then transformed into something dressier with a change of accessory.” - Danielle Suppa


Los Angeles-based founder Yuka Izutsu works with ethical collaborators to thoughtfully craft easy, unconventional pieces with quality and longevity at the forefront of her designs, using upcycled materials and artisan textiles sourced from her travels in Peru and India. She believes that our fashion choices can tell a subtle—but radical—story about who we are.

"This dress is really that ‘want-to-wear all-day, every day’ type of piece. Goes well with a bold earring and a matching tomato lip!” - Danielle Suppa

" We were drawn to the timeless and classic styling of her pieces in high quality fabrics and could see the pieces being those essentials in our wardrobe that you reach for over and over again. We are inspired by Yuka's tireless commitment to her community of collaborators and making sustainable and ethical choices in her business. She is also such a lovely, caring and creative person and that comes through in every piece". - Ali & Beth

Explore Atelier Delphine and our curated selection of home objets from Souvenir. We are so thrilled to introduce these Friends to you.

xoxo Ali & Beth